Can Your Art Change the World? Part II

Can Your Art Change the World? Part II

I’ve asked this question before–in reference to the beautiful Tree Change Dolls “upcycled” by Sonia Singh. I think this might become a series as I come across more artists whose motivation to create art is to make a positive difference.

Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing 10 musicians from the Pangean Orchestra, a world music ensemble. Led by Maestro Colin O’Donohoe, they represent diverse nations. They play a mixture of common instruments and others that sound exotic to American ears. They delighted the audience with a sea chanty, Irish tunes, flamenco guitar (and a dancer!), drum rhythms, and middle eastern tonalities. Many of the musicians are composers as well as singers and instrumentalists, so some of the music was familiar, while original material was also presented.

Maestro O’Donohoe started the orchestra in an effort to celebrate diversity and promote unity. In a chaotic, violent, and distrustful world, he seeks to encourage dialog through our common language–music. Can he change the world with his art? Maybe he can soften the hearts and open the minds of those who hear his band’s music.

The photos above come from the Pangean Orchestra website and Facebook page. Click on an image and scroll through to view them full size.

I encourage you to follow the Pangean Orchestra and catch a performance when you can.

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