Andrea’s Quilts

Andrea’s Quilts

I’ve always loved and coveted quilts. I’ve always wanted to make them. At first, I read books about quilting. Then in 1982 I took a beginning quilting class, which served as my initiation. I haven’t had time to quilt in the last ten years or so, but I want to get back to it soon. Most of the quilts I’ve made I gave away as gifts.

Around 1990 I joined the Cactus Patchers chapter of the Arizona Quilter’s Guild. One of the first activities I joined was a progressive quilt challenge. All the participants provided a background, a theme, and one element of the theme. Then each month it was exchanged to another quilter to add a different element, until it passed through all fourteen group members’ hands. Since I was new to Arizona and obsessed with all things Arizonan, I wanted my quilt to have a desert/mountain landscape theme. I stitched the palo verde tree on the left at my son Matt’s hospital bedside when be was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and added the border and quilting a year later.DSC00177

In the summer of 1994 I attended a quilt camp in Prescott, Arizona put on by the Quilter’s Ranch of Tempe. There I learned a technique known as watercolor quilting, popularized by Pat Maixner Magaret. Below is my product from that workshop.DSC00180

I made a quilt for each of my five children. Most of them have completely worn out, but baby Katie’s is still hanging in there. She kind of forgot about it when she grew up and moved out, so I still have it, even though the twin bed I made it for is long gone. It is a simple Irish Chain. (I hope Katie doesn’t read this and ask for it back–just kidding, Katie. You can come and collect it whenever you want.)DSC00184

Except for a wall hanging packed away with the Christmas decorations, these are the only quilts of mine still in my house. Time to make some more.

Do you love looking at quilts? I have pictures of over 200 quilts (not mine!) on my Pinterest quilt board.

Any quilters reading this? Do you have pictures of your quilts online, on your blog or Pinterest or Facebook? Would you care to share a link in the comments below?

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  1. Andrea, I love quilts, too! I used to make baby quilts for gifts and made one for 2 of my children. But I’ve never made a full-size one. My mom is the quilter in our family. Thanks for sharing these pics of your beautiful work. I love the watercolor one. Hearts are another favorite thing of mine!

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