Bringing Animals to Water(color)

Bringing Animals to Water(color)

Browsing through paintings on recently, I found myself repeatedly clicking on pictures of animals and birds and noticing they were all creations of the same artist, Rachelle Levingston.

Intrigued, I visited her Etsy shop and immersed myself in her work.

Her medium, watercolor, is one often associated with impressionist work that suggests its subject. Levingston’s paintings, however, are remarkably detailed and shaded, providing a realistic representation.

Speaking about her process, Levingston says,

When I first started painting I thought all my watercolor marks had to be smooth and perfect. Now I purposely let the paints dictate the outcome. Watercolors are an interesting medium where the ratio of water to paint and the timing of when you add them to the paper can yield unexpected results. The artists I admire have lost edges and areas that are undeveloped. I think this is a great metaphor for life…not everything has to be perfect, defined, controlled, and neat.

Rachelle Levingston's studio

Rachelle Levingston’s studio

In addition to animals and birds, Levingston paints fruits, landscapes, portraits, and custom paintings of people’s pets. Visit Rachelle Levingston’s Etsy shop online.

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  1. I love watercolor paintings. They have such a gentle, soft look about them. These are beautiful. I fantasize that some day I’ll pick up a paintbrush and learn to use it well.

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    • I know, right?! I took an Art 101 class in college. My favorite part of it was the watercolor project–the one artwork I produced for that class that actually got an A. And, of course, I haven’t done anything since…


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