I Resolve . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

I Resolve . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck

Doing Life Together

Many years ago I gave up on writing New Year’s resolutions. It seemed to me like an exercise in futility—by February I’d forgotten whatever good intentions I had the month before.

It also seemed incorrect to call it a New Year’s resolution, since I was making the same ones year after year.

The Encarta Dictionary has 13 definitions for the word resolution.  I would like to look at the concept of the New Year’s Resolution in light of 9 of them.

  1.  Process of resolving—the process of resolving something such as a problem or dispute. We make resolutions in response to problems. We see something in ourselves that needs changing.
  2. Decision—a firm decision to do something. This is my conundrum. If you make a firm decision to do something, you do it. I forget about it.
  3. Determination—firmness of mind or purpose. This is another thing I’m wishy-washy about. I’m only…

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