All Things Unicorn

All Things Unicorn

You may know about my infatuation with unicorns. (Of course, my obsession is purely artistic, being spawned by the magnificent Unicorn Tapestries at The Cloisters.) I recently searched to check out their unicorn-related stuff.

Unicorn 16

Unicorn horn headband.

Much of what I found is hand-crafted, making it totally appropriate for a blog about the arts and the creative process.

But first of all, I have to tell you putting a horn on a horse’s head does not make it a unicorn. Unicorns have a goatish head with a bearded chin; their tails are like a lion’s, with a tuft of hair at the end; and they have split hooves. Too many contemporary artists have been influenced by cartoons. Really. Take a good look at the medieval tapestries, back in the day when artists really knew their unicorns.

That said, I have included some horsey unicorns here, only because I would otherwise have had to exclude much unicorn art created after 1980.

Unicorn 15

Look at this beautiful charm. Very reasonable, too.

Unicorn 10

Gold unicorn necklace.

Unicorn 3

Contrary to its online description, the piece above is rendered in crewel embroidery, not needlepoint.

The similar picture on the left is also crewel, but the unicorn pillow, however, is done in needlepoint.

I would totally wear this unicorn t-shirt (oops, sold out) or the sweatshirt.

Unicorn 4

I actually have one of these porcelain pomanders that I bought decades ago from my Avon lady.

Unicorn 5

A collection of brass statuettes (oops, somebody snapped these up).

Unicorn 14

A unicorn head you can hang on your wall like a hunting trophy. Impress your friends with your big game prowess. (One of the characters in my work-in-progress should have bought this.)

Unicorn 8

A unicorn stamp to impress your sealing wax.

Unicorn 7

This brass unicorn key organizer will keep track of your keys with class. (Man, somebody bought this, too. Unicorn stuff is really popular, based on how much has sold between the time I wrote this article and now.)

Unicorn 6

Coolest. Messenger bag. Ever.

Unicorn 9

Lovely unicorn sculpture from Russia with love.

Unicorn 12

Or, how about this life-size unicorn sculpture? (Wow! This was sold, too, and it was pricy. I feel totally vindicated about my obsession. I’m really not as addicted as other people. I can stop any time.)



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  1. What an interesting assortment of unicorn items. I’m familiar with the unicorn tapestries, but I haven’t yet been to the Cloisters. I keep thinking I would like to go. Perhaps I can manage that one of these days.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Susan. I checked out your blog and discovered you live in NJ. I grew up in Monmouth County and used to take the bus to the Port Authority terminal and then walk to the Met. Too far to walk to the Cloisters, but there is a bus. (No bus anymore from my old stomping grounds–you’d have to take the train). I don’t know how easy it is to get to NYC from your area, but it’s SO worth it.


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