Heart Felt

Heart Felt


Felt 7

Wildlife photography? No. Look again. This hare is a needle felt sculpture.

I didn’t know that was a thing. But apparently it is, because Etsy is full of them. Here are some more:

Felt 20

Duck-bill platypus.

Felt 5


Felt 8

Lion mama and baby.

Felt 1


Before I show you more examples of these realistic needle felt animals, I ought to clarify the process used to produce them. Kenya Finley, one of the artists who creates animals like these (including the dog pictured above) explains, “These little critters start off as a bit of wool fiber or ‘fluff’. Special barbed needles are used to poke the wool fiber hundreds and hundreds of times until it begins to bind together and is then sculpted.” Some of the animals have wire framework inside. They aren’t toys–they are collectibles, artwork. Many are very small (sometimes the photo includes a human hand for scale), so when you see the prices (all are available for sale–linked to their info on Etsy.com–just click on the name below each photo), realize that the cost reflects intensity of labor, not size. Some of the artists also make sculptures of pets from photographs.

Felt 2


Felt 21


Felt 19


Felt 17


Felt 16

Polar bear.

Felt 12


Felt 14


Felt 11


felt 9


Felt 6


Felt 10


Felt 3


Felt 4

Barn owl family.

Candle mouse, acorn mouse.

Now we are switching gears altogether. The rest of the animals in this article are sewn from wool felt, rather than sculpted from needle felted wool. Some of the animals below are sold already made; others are available as kits, and downloadable directions are available for the rest.

Felt 26

Felix the Fox.

Felt 27


Felt 29

Christmas reindeer.

Felt 31

Frog Prince.

Felt 25


Felt 23

Kangaroo mama and joey.

Felt 24Brontosaurus.

Felt 15


Felt 30


Once I started looking at these creatures online, I couldn’t stop. The frog, the raccoon, and the fox in the suit are what first caught my attention. I found the others when I did a search on Etsy for felt animals. I love the cat, the crow, the mice, and the aardvark.

What about you? Do you have a favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. That needle felted fox is incredible! I have recently started needle felting and it is so much fun, although I am most certainly not up to that standard! It is such a therapeutic art too. I adore it and it’s practical because it fits in my handbag and if I have ever got a spare hour I can take it out!

    – Catherine

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