Heart Failure . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck  

Heart Failure . . . by Andrea R Huelsenbeck   

Some of you know that I am a contributor to Doing Life Together along with some other members of my critique group, Tuesday’s Children. This was my most-read post on DLT in 2015:

Doing Life Together

Source: hestia 0527 on www.craftsy.com Source: hestia 0527 on http://www.craftsy.com

Years ago, my pastor’s wife started a sewing circle to make a quilt that, when auctioned off, would raise money for our financially struggling church. The emphasis was on stitching with excellence, but a special camaraderie formed around the quilting frame. People spoke freely, laughed with abandon. We grew into a tight-knit group. Once, a woman confessed it was her birthday, and she told her husband she wanted to celebrate her special day by coming to our quilting session.

We auctioned off the first quilt at our annual fall festival. A professional auctioneer donated his services, and the quilt netted several hundred dollars.

The sewing circle made plans for a whole-cloth quilt. Instead of a pieced or appliquéd design, the quilting stitches themselves would be the artistic focus of the quilt. The pastor’s wife carefully penciled the intricate design on the new quilt top, and we…

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