N is for Necklace

N is for Necklace

Today’s post is a treat for the eyes and the neck–a sampling of hand-crafted necklaces culled from Etsy.com. And the best thing about these necklaces is the prices. From $8 to $48, none is outrageously expensive.

To make it simple for you to purchase any of these necklaces (or see more designs from their makers) I’ve hyperlinked their webpages to their highlighted names. Some of the creators explain their processes.

I couldn’t help but notice that many of the necklaces that spoke to me fell into certain categories.

For example, the animal kingdom. Click on the smaller pictures to see an enlargement.

Octopus and sea water, Kitty, Frog, Fox locketTurtle in sea glass, Cicada.

Have you ever kept a rat as a pet?


I never thought I’d find one, much less two, cute little sloth necklaces.

Sloth 2

Above sloth. Below sloth.


Next, celestial bodies.

Moon. Individual planets.

Left solar system. Right solar system. And a glow-in-the-dark star:

Glowing star

Trees of life:

Silver tree of life, jade tree of life.

Unique favorites that don’t fit in a category:


What can I say? I’m an Arizona girl. I love cactus.




Cute little T-rex.

Plant Skeleton

Lacy plant skeleton.

Pearl Cage

Cinderella’s coach/pearl cage.




DNA double helix.


Necklace inspired by Tris’ first tattoo in Divergent.

Celtic Wolf

Celtic wolf.

Bola ball

Bola ball. Contains a colored bead that chimes. Traditionally worn during pregnancy in certain cultures.




Slice of agate.


Cascading chains.


15% of the proceeds of sales of the above necklace go to Bernie Sanders‘ presidential campaign.

I don’t think I could wear the Bernie Sanders one, but I’d happily wear any of the other necklaces. Well, maybe not the cicada. Or the rat. Or the sloths. Or the dinosaur. I think my #1 favorite is the plant skeleton.


What about you? Which necklace is your favorite? Vote in the comments below.

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