Z is for Zoo

Z is for Zoo

When my brother Bill visited from New Jersey last month, one of the places I took him was the Phoenix Zoo. Here are some highlights:








What’s on the little island? Storks?




Orangutan family


An ibis, I think


I pleaded with this peacock to spread his tail, but he would not cooperate. 

My camera battery conked out before we saw the giraffes, one of my favorite animals at the zoo.
A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvib

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    • Yes, isn’t it lovely? When the kids were little, we had a membership and went often. Their favorite part? The petting zoo, one of my least favorites.


  1. Nice pictures, Andrea, especially of the squirrel monkey and the orangutans! It was hard sometimes to see the animals, some choose to keep a low profile at times, but you really zoomed in on some of them. It makes me look forward to planning my next visit-and yes, I read in a previous post that April’s a better month for seeing Arizona in bloom!

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  2. Andrea! Funny meeting you here along the A to Z challenge 🙂 I fell behind in my visits and am catching up. Your blog fell across my path today.

    The giraffes are one of my favorite stops at the zoo, too. I made one out of paper towel rolls and paper mache when I was a kid, so I guess I’ve been fascinated with them for awhile.

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    • I remember you did the challenge last year, so when you blogged about your intention this year, I joined up. It’s been fun! I’m already making a list of ideas for next year.

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