Look Up

Look Up

It’s too hot to talk a long walk in the Arizona low desert in July, but I’ve gone out every morning to walk my dog (sans camera, because it’s just not practical to try to take pictures when your pooch has other priorities).

But today, as we wandered down the sidewalk and Rudi sniffed around at every molecule (she’s a hound, after all–a dachshund), I really appreciated the shade that dropped the temperature ten degrees as we walked into it, and I…

…looked up! I’ve walked that sidewalk a million times in the twenty-eight years we’ve lived in our present house, and I’ve never really noticed how my neighbors’ tree’s branches stretch out over the wall that encloses their yard, and from the branches dangle…



To be sure, I’ve noticed the pomegranates before, on the branches that hang downward along the wall. But I’ve never looked up before–or if I have, I’ve forgotten. Either way, I was delighted to find them. Here’s the location when I went back with my camera several hours later, and the high sun wasn’t casting as much shade:


And a few more shots of the lovely fruit (they’ll ripen when the weather gets cooler, months from now):


This post is my entry in The Daily Post Photo Challenge with the prompt: Look Up.

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  1. Greetings from Tucson. It’s amazing what we see when we look up in an area where we haven’t looked up before. A very appropriate post for the challenge…



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