Marcia BeckettMany thanks to today’s guest blogger, Marcia Beckett. An elementary art specialist who teaches at a school for gifted children, Beckett shares her love of color and whimsy on her blog.

This is a tutorial I recently posted on my other blog Art is Basic, which is all about teaching art to kids. I thought readers here might like it as well.

Easy and Fun Watercolor Doodles with Flowers
I hope you are having a good summer. I have spent some time doodling with watercolors, my favorite artsy thing to do. Today I am going to show you how I transform puddles of watercolor to flower doodles. Here is an example of a finished watercolor flower doodle.
detail flower shot up close
This step-by-step is fun, summery art project for you or your kids to try. I like to share what is fun and exciting for me, because maybe you will take something from it and create your own spin on the idea. Here’s what you need:

Step 1: Dip your brush in water and create a small puddle of water on your paper. Dip your brush in a color from your watercolor palette. Touch the puddle with the color and watch the colors spread. watercolor circles close up
Drop in additional colors to create different effects.
Watercolor dots

Fill a whole page with the watercolor blobs.
watercolor dots
watercolor dots
Step 2: Allow your watercolor puddles to dry. Use permanent black marker to outline the puddles. Or, you can draw flowers right on top, radiating from the center of the petal.

20160711_155524 (740x463)

Watercolor Flowers Step 2 (617x740)

Step 3: Draw flower petals in various shapes and sizes around the outside of the outlined puddles.
Watercolor Flower Doodles with Black Pen
You can stop right there, or you can add additional color with brush markers or your other favorite type of coloring tools.
Step 4: Add additional color and patterns with markers. Use a white paint pen on top to make highlights and embellishments.
Watercolor Flowers with Pen and Marker
I had so much fun, I covered several sheets of paper with watercolor flower doodles.
Watercolor Flower Doodle
Flower Doodles
Detail of flowers
Detail pic of doodles
detail shot
Flower Doodles Close up

Watercolor Doodles of Flowers

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