Guest Post: Giving Your Revision Wings!…by Erika Wassall

Guest Post: Giving Your Revision Wings!…by Erika Wassall

Many thanks to Kathy Temean of Writing and Illustrating for today’s guest post, and to Erika Wassall of The Jersey Farm Scribe for writing it. In this inspiring article, Wassall tells writers how she handled an expert rejection.

Writing and Illustrating

erikaphoto-45Erika Wassall, The Jersey Farm Scribe here on…

Giving your Revision Wings!

I recently received an extremely insightful rejection –

Wait, wait!! First a big WHOoO-HooOOo for a personalized rejection!!! We can’t forget to Celebrate the Little Things!

So anyway, I received a very insightful rejection from an agent. They were complimentary of the writing style and concept. But they thought the end came together too easy. My main character, Bradley, had a problem throughout the book. And in the end, it was basically solved for him.

The book is called Got Your Nose! where the classic Dad-joke becomes a reality. The only ending I could really see was his Dad giving him back his nose.

His comment was that he was hoping that Bradley would be a part of the solution.

It was a really great comment. Specific. Helpful. Thoughtful. The kind of rejection every author hopes for!

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