Review of The Audacity to be a Writer by Bryan Hutchinson, et al.

Review of The Audacity to be a Writer by Bryan Hutchinson, et al.


Bryan Hutchinson says, “Being audacious is about taking risks, going against conventions and the status quo.” He believes audacity is the most important quality of a successful writer.

The subtitle of this book is 50 Inspiring Articles on Writing that Could Change Your Life. Essentially, it is a collection of posts that appeared on Hutchinson’s blog, Positive Writer. I bought the ebook version when it was on sale for 99 cents. The ebook is regularly $4.99; the paperback list price is $13.95. In the introduction of the book, Hutchinson says, “Part of the proceeds from this book will go towards supporting the Positive Writer website, our regular contests, giveaways and other events.”audacity

That said, I am not sad that I paid 99 cents for the book. But the articles are so similar in focus that reading them one after another, I felt as though I was reading the same ideas dozens of times.

If you’d like to have a collection of writing encouragement at your fingertips, then, by all means, go for it. But if you only need an occasion dose, it might be more productive to subscribe to some of the contributors’ websites and explore them when you need an injection of motivation. I was already following some of them, and found lots of great content. However, I can’t vouch for all the websites; peruse at your own risk, and use your best judgment (Mom talking here).

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