Creative Juice #13

Creative Juice #13

Fifteen articles to stimulate your muse.

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  1. Amazing number of items to view. I’ve been blessed with so many trips over the years.

    One was in the 90s to my son-in-law’s home town. An artist, he took Julie, toddler Kyle, baby Austin and I to the incredible Chicago Art Museum. (With a baby and rambunctious toddler in tow, I can entertain you with this insane escapade) we sorta saw the amazing Degas exhibit, which is one of the artists you list here. You can imagine all the art enthusiasts who were mad at us, but I did have time to buy Degas cards in the gift shop. John, of course was on an overseas business trip. I was along as a nanny, Mike’s cousin was getting married. Yadda…perhaps this is my next humor piece…title?

    I think I buried this memory for good reason. Lol. Love, Betty

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