Guest Post: Our Advent Calendar…by Linda McQuinn Carlblom

Guest Post: Our Advent Calendar…by Linda McQuinn Carlblom

Our Advent Calendar previously appeared on one of my favorite blogs, Parenting with a Smile. I was so blessed by Linda’s Christmas posts last year that I asked her if I could share some of them on ARHtistic License this year. Since today is the first Sunday in Advent, this article is especially apropos.

It’s Timeless Tuesday here at PWAS so I wanted to share with you one of our most timeless Christmas traditions, my daughter’s advent calendar.

My daughter, Ashley, is my parents’ youngest grandchild. She is seventeen years younger than the oldest grandchild. Around each grandchild’s third Christmas, my mom made them an advent calendar.

Mom lovingly sewed each calendar using the same pattern, yet made each one unique. Some of the pockets have numbers on them and some have bows. The Christmas trees on some have trunks and others do not. Some have cloth borders and some are entirely felt.  Finally, Mom added a hand-written label on the back of each one that had a special message of love to that child.

Once the calendar was sewn, Mom went to the store and found little Christmas do-dads that would fit inside the tiny pockets. She stuck a strip of Velcro on the back of each item so it could stick to the felt Christmas tree.

On December 1, the child takes the ornament from the first pocket and sticks it on the tree. The last ornament to be pulled from the last pocket is the one that goes on top of the tree. For some it’s a star, for others it’s an angel.

All three of my children and all their cousins have enjoyed their advent calendars through the years. As they’ve grown up and moved away, their calendars have gone with them. Some share them with their spouses and their own children now. It’s a reminder of home, family, and a grandma who loves them.

Does your family have an advent calendar? Share about it in the comments.


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  1. Nifty! What a brilliant idea. I grew up with an adventure calendar, of course my kids has, but it’s all variations of gift calendars. Need to find 24 somethings each year. So, several years ago I changed to bows. Tying a bow in the ring next to each number, and when all the bows are gone, Christmas is here. This, however is a brilliant idea. I might just have to copy…

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