Why You Should Be Reading Helping Writers Become Authors

Why You Should Be Reading Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M. Weiland is a talented and prolific novelist and also the author of several excellent books on the craft of writing. (Check my Books Read page for reviews of two of her books, #7 and #22 under 2016.) Her website, Helping Writers Become Authors, is one I recommend all writers follow. She often offers some of her ebooks free to subscribers.


Some features of the website:

  • Story Structure Database. Look up your favorite books and see Weiland’s analysis, including the inciting event, plot points, pinch points, climax, and resolution.
  • Series of articles, including How to Structure Your Story, How to Structure Scenes, How to Write Character Arcs, Most Common Writing Mistakes, and Writing Inspiration.
  • Weekly Podcasts, accessible through the website and on iTunes.
  • An email newsletter.
  • Infographics like this one, that you can save to your Pinterest writing board.how-to-find-the-right-critique-partner
  • Her recommendations for writing books by other authors.
  • Professional resources for writers.

Weiland regularly adds content on how to write compelling scenes and how to make your fiction sparkle. Here are some of my favorite articles from Helping Writers Become Authors:

Helping Writers Become Authors consistently appears on Writer’s Digest’s and The Write Life’s Best Blogs for Writers lists (and probably on virtually every other one).

How about you—do you follow Helping Writers Become Authors? Have you read any of Wieland’s books? Do you have a favorite writing website? Share in the comments below.

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