Tuesday Photo Challenge–Music

Tuesday Photo Challenge–Music

When I saw this week’s theme for the Tuesday Photo Challenge, I thought, “What a great theme! If only I could think of a shot to take.”

You see, I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in music education. I taught elementary general music for twelve and a half years in two different centuries and two different states.

I sighed and glanced around my very messy study. This is what I saw:


Recorder and drumstick bouquets


Books about music (and art)




My guitar


My music stand, with my recorder book open to some duets I checked out last night.



A mountain dulcimer made in the seventies by a friend’s brother; a “tick-tock” woodblock; a cabasa, and a cricket scraper.

Then I went to the living room, where my piano resides.


Photographs by ARHuelsenbeck.


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    • I’m kind of regretting the Ovation. It doesn’t “fit” me well. You know how the waist of a guitar usually “hooks” onto your knee when you’re siting? The way the Ovation’s lower end is so much wider than the top, along with the rounded back (and I have kind of a round belly), makes it slip off my lap. And the steel strings still make my fingertips numb. I’m thinking of going classical.

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      • The Ovation definitely requires using a strap to make sure that it doesn’t slide with the rounded back. I string mine with Martin Clapton strings, which are reasonably comfortable, but clearly not as comfortable as nylon strings.

        Your fingers will get used to the abuse over time, as you build up calluses on your finger tips.

        Have fun!

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  1. This is one of the many reasons I love being in your home. It’s full of creative projects, including music. And not just your projects, but also Greg’s. I love this post.

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