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Monday Morning Wisdom #113

Monday Morning Wisdom #113

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From the Creator’s Heart #109

From the Creator’s Heart #109

I will praise the Lord no matter what happens. I will constantly speak of his glories and grace. I will boast of all his kindness to me. Let all who are discouraged take heart. Let us praise the Lord together, and exalt his name.

For I cried to him and he answered me! He freed me from all my fears (Psalm 34:1-4 TLB).

Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet #65

Weekend Writing Warriors: Snippet #65

Every Sunday, the Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday participants share 8-10-sentence snippets from their works-in-progress on their blogs for others to read and comment on. Join the fun! Click on the links to see the full lists.

Mine! Six-year-old Buddy terrorizes the playground, appropriating everyone’s toys. How can the kids teach him a lesson and get their stuff back?


In last week’s snippet, Buddy stole a dump truck from two boys in the sandbox. Then he took a little girl’s pail and shovel. Now he sees a boy flying a kite.

Buddy thought it would be glorious to make a kite fly in the air like that. He put the dump truck and the shovel into the pail, and slipped his arm through the pail’s handle. He walked toward the kite flyer, watching for an opportunity. Just when the boy was most absorbed in his kite’s flight, Buddy grabbed the roll of kite string right out of his hands. “Mine!” he shouted.

“Hey, give it back!” demanded the boy.

Buddy ran. The kite jerked, dove, and crashed into the ground with a snap; Buddy yanked the string, and the kite tore.

“You broke it!” cried the boy.

“Nyah, nyah!” said Buddy; then he tossed the roll of string, stuck out his tongue, and ran away.

I know it’s short (even with the overuse of semicolons, my attempt to stay within the 10-sentence limit), but what do you think of this small excerpt? Any suggestions on how I can make it better? Please comment below.


Five Little Quilts

Five Little Quilts

I am a member of the Piecemakers quilt ministry at my church. We make quilts that are given to members in need of comfort, and to babies being baptized, and to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today I’m sharing some of my recent projects.

This scrap quilt was pieced from odds and ends of donated fabric. The pattern is the traditional Rail Fence.


This baptism quilt uses Snowball blocks alternating with Cross blocks.


The blue fabric features little lambs.


This scrap quilt, also made from donated fabrics, will go to the Crisis Pregnancy Center that our church helps support.


The fabrics feature construction vehicles, cars, trucks, and trains. It’s backed with the star fabric you can see binding the edges.

If the comfort quilt below looks familiar, it may be because I posted a picture of it last year while it was still under construction.


It was put together from snippets of donated fabrics. I pieced the backside (pictured below), too. (By the way, that center panel is a printed fabric. I didn’t put all those little rectangles together.) After a blessing ceremony at church, it went home with a man in our congregation who had been facing health challenges.


The last quilt is a miniature I’m keeping for our bedroom wall. I started it twenty years ago, when my husband gave me several sets of Granny Nannies, little paper-piecing patterns. I sewed up these Log Cabin blocks and never got any farther with them, until recently. I hung it vertically on our bedroom wall, but I think I’m going to take it down and re-hang it horizontally. I think I like it better like this.


GuestFeatured Book Giveaway: Second Grade Holdout by Audrey Vernick


Do you have a soon-to-be second grader who’s feeling apprehensive about school? This looks like a great book! Thank you to Kathy Temean for hosting this giveaway.

Writing and Illustrating

Audrey Vernick is the author of 17 children’s books. Her latest came out on July 4th and she has agreed to donate a copy of SECOND GRADE HOLDOUT for one lucky visitor. If you would like to win a copy, please leave a comment, reblog, tweet, or talk about SECOND GRADE HOLDOUT on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know the other things you did to share the good news, so I can put the right amount of tickets in my basket for you. Check back to discover the winner.


The comically anxious narrator in this book thought that first grade had its problems, but overall it was pretty awesome. He’ll take grade one over grade two any day, thank you very much! Especially because he and Tyler, his best friend, will not be in the same class this school…

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Creative Juice #52

Creative Juice #52

Your weekly fix of artistic inspiration.

  1. House block quilts.
  2. Palm paintings.
  3. Advice about creativity.
  4. A closer look at Gustav Klimt’s painting, The Kiss.
  5. How to get really good at something.
  6. I am such a terrible mother. I never even thought of doing this. My girls are now in their twenties and thirties. Maybe when (if) I have granddaughters…
  7. Photos of Jersey City and Manhattan. (As a former Jersey girl, I get a little homesick when I see scenes like these.)
  8. Do you have too many books? Maybe not.
  9. Amazing footage captured on a security camera and the science behind it.
  10. Art with an expiration date.
  11. How an engineering student became a children’s book illustrator.
  12. What do you see in the clouds?

In the Meme Time: Change of Scene

In the Meme Time: Change of Scene

Change of scene