#dyicad2017 Days 41-47

#dyicad2017 Days 41-47

In June and July, I am participating in Daisy Yellow’s Index-Card-a-Day challenge, in which we create a little something on an index card every day–61 mini-masterpieces. And July is World Watercolor Month, so my July cards will feature watercolor. I will be posting my projects every Tuesday.

Day 41’s prompt was roots, and I thought I’d try my hand at a greenman. He looks more like a monkey. Oh, well.


Day 42’s prompt was onomatopoeia. I decided to go all comic book:


The next three days I went off prompt. On Day 43 I tried another half-mandala. It’s my favorite card this week:


On Day 44, I practiced a zentangle pattern, Crux:


On Day 45, I tried zentangle pattern Quare. It reminded me of an asymmetrical quilt block, so I painted it like an old-fashioned scrap quilt.


Day 46’s prompt was love:


And the prompt for World Watercolor Month for Day 17 was running wild. My first thought was to paint a tiger.

Tigers are hard. I painted a toucan instead.


I’m having so much fun with these challenges, and you can, too. It’s not too late to join! You don’t even have to make up the days you missed. Click the links in the first paragraph for more details.

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