Five Little Quilts

Five Little Quilts

I am a member of the Piecemakers quilt ministry at my church. We make quilts that are given to members in need of comfort, and to babies being baptized, and to the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today I’m sharing some of my recent projects.

This scrap quilt was pieced from odds and ends of donated fabric. The pattern is the traditional Rail Fence.


This baptism quilt uses Snowball blocks alternating with Cross blocks.


The blue fabric features little lambs.


This scrap quilt, also made from donated fabrics, will go to the Crisis Pregnancy Center that our church helps support.


The fabrics feature construction vehicles, cars, trucks, and trains. It’s backed with the star fabric you can see binding the edges.

If the comfort quilt below looks familiar, it may be because I posted a picture of it last year while it was still under construction.


It was put together from snippets of donated fabrics. I pieced the backside (pictured below), too. (By the way, that center panel is a printed fabric. I didn’t put all those little rectangles together.) After a blessing ceremony at church, it went home with a man in our congregation who had been facing health challenges.


The last quilt is a miniature I’m keeping for our bedroom wall. I started it twenty years ago, when my husband gave me several sets of Granny Nannies, little paper-piecing patterns. I sewed up these Log Cabin blocks and never got any farther with them, until recently. I hung it vertically on our bedroom wall, but I think I’m going to take it down and re-hang it horizontally. I think I like it better like this.


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