#dyicad2017 Days 55-61

#dyicad2017 Days 55-61

The Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge and World Watercolor Month are over. I’m so glad that I participated. I’d love to say I’ll continue making a drawing or a painting every day, but I know I won’t. However, maybe I’ll at least work on an artistic project every other day. (That was my goal for this year–make art on even-numbered days, and write a poem on odd-numbered days. Maybe I can actually do that for the next five months. We’ll see.)

Here are my cards from the last week:

Day 55, using World Watercolor Month prompt for Day 25, Cherry, Lemon & Turquoise, I dropped those colors on a wet watercolor postcard, and this happened:


Day 56, I responded to  The Daily Post prompt, Tea:


Day 57’s prompt was Spring. I interpreted it with a zentangle pattern, Msst, which reminds me of Spanish moss:


For Day 58, I took World Watercolor Month’s prompt of Lollipops:


Day 59’s prompt was Autumn. I thought of the project we were assigned every November in elementary school, to draw or color a cornucopia:


For Day 60’s prompt, Winter, I offer a pine branch and cone, one of the few watercolors I did without sketching it out first:


For Day 61, I went with World Watercolor Month’s prompt, Things with Wings. I used a photograph I took last year when I went to Butterfly Wonderland with my brother, my daughter Erin, and her husband as a reference. I think this is my favorite card this week:


I missed three days, so I ended up with 58 mini-masterpieces for the two months:


All photos and artwork © by ARHuelsenbeck.

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  1. Andrea, these are absolutely beautiful! You should frame them as a group, either all together in one frame or in tiny individual frames. They’d make an interesting art wall! You’re so talented. I love the pine branch with the pine cone.

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