In Search of the Great Blue Heron, Part II

In Search of the Great Blue Heron, Part II

Eighteen months ago, I posted about a trip I took to the Gilbert Riparian Preserve, hoping to spot a great blue heron. I recently went back to try again.

Last time, I had a severe case of camera envy. I carried my little point-and-shoot camera, while other birders had DSLR jobs with huge telephoto lenses. This time, I brought my Canon EOS Rebel T5 with a big zoom lens, a starter DSLR I’m still learning how to use.


Realize we’re in the Sonoran desert, although I suspect that the saguaro cactuses below were planted by landscapers.


But most of the scenery looks like a forest glade.


The Preserve includes seven small lakes, home to all sorts of aquatic birds, like mallards.


And sandpipers?! I thought sandpipers were ocean beach birds. I guess not necessarily. (Click on the small images to enlarge.)

I think this is a snowy egret:

And I think this might be my great blue heron (or maybe it’s another kind of egret; anybody know?):


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