Let’s Help Each Other Build Writer or Artist Platforms

Let’s Help Each Other Build Writer or Artist Platforms

On Thursday, I posted a guest article by literary agent Bob Hostetler. The first half of the article was about a 600-lb. woman whose doctor insisted she lose 30 pounds in a month before he would do weight-reduction surgery for her. The woman was frustrated by being forced to change her eating habits in advance; she thought she could begin her new regime after the surgery.


Hostetler compared that woman’s mindset with those of the budding authors he meets at writer’s conferences, who:

vowed that, post-contract, they would market themselves and their books via social media, blogs, website, speaking engagements, podcasts, interviews, and more. But when a panel of agents and editors suggested that a healthy platform comprised of such things can—and, almost always, must—come pre-contract, they expressed chagrin.

That got me to thinking—we can help each other with platform building. All writers and artists should have a website or at least a blog, along with social media (in addition to your social media that you use for friends and family). Have you set yours up yet? That should be one of your top priorities for 2018.

I’m often offered free copies of books in exchange for a review, but I am reluctant to take those offers. I already have a couple hundred books at home that I’m dying to read, and I usually write a short (or long) review of everything I read, which I post on ARHtistic License, Amazon, and Goodreads. If you want to send me a book, that’s fine, but it may take years before I get around to reading it. (However, review requests from paying publications are most welcome and will be accommodated in a timely fashion. Money talks.)

But I do like to publish a guest article every Thursday. I usually contact the authors of articles I find on the web and ask if I may repost them. I would love to post your article on ARHtistic License, preferably something you’ve already written that you would like to get more exposure. It would be helpful to me if it were related to your art or your creative process.

Or, I could interview you.

Or, I could include your comments in a panel article about a topic in which you have some expertise.

Also, I regularly submit guest posts to A Writer’s Path, and I wouldn’t mind submitting to your website, if you think my focus on the arts and the creative process are compatible with the theme of your website.

What do you think? Do any of these ideas appeal to you? You can comment below, and/or contact me through the “Contact ARHtistic License” form (click the link at the top of the page).


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