U is for Unicorn Quilt Patterns


What could be better than a unicorn quilt? Two of my favorite things combined. A search on Etsy yielded these patterns. Most of these are for paper piecing. Make a single block for a wall hanging or pillow cover, or make several and add borders for a larger quilt. Click the link under each illustration for more information.

Lisa uni

Lisa the Unicorn

geometric uni

Unicorn with geometric background

advanced uni

Small unicorn head–this is a more ambitious project; you should be an accomplished paper piecer before you attempt this one.

Rainbow mane

Unicorn with rainbow tail

pink uni

Unicorn with pink mane

Unicorn Scrappuccino

Unicorn Scrappuccino

uni pillowcase

Unicorn pillowcase pattern

Which is your favorite? Mine is the small unicorn head, but I’m not skilled enough to make that one. I’m tempted to try the pillowcase, though I’d make the mane in gray and cream rather than purples for a more realistic effect. I prefer real unicorns, with split hooves and goatees, rather than the fake ones that look like horses with a horn stuck on their foreheads.


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