The 100 Day Project Part I

The 100 Day Project Part I

I’ve mentioned that I’m participating in The 100 Day Project with the Facebook group, Zentangle All Around. The Project runs from April 3 to July 11, which means it will also intersect with two other art challenges I participate in. But more about that later.

Zentangle All Around is spending 15 minutes a day tangling for The Project. I don’t always complete a design in 15 minutes, so some of mine are spread over three days. We post on Instagram. Check out these hashtags: #the100dayproject and #zentangleallaround.

Sigh. I missed a few days.

Here are my offerings for April:

Patterns Pickpocket and Raised.

Patterns Maelstrom, Tofube, and Paradox.

Pattern Mack.


A pointillist experiment.

Patterns Shattuck and Tripoli.

The start of a string. Pattern: cubine.


Practicing a new (to me) pattern.


The finished string, with Flukes and Elirob added.


The beginning of a new string. The pattern is Framz.

I’ll post the next batch of my 100 Day Project artworks on June 9.


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