Write Your Best Short Story

Write Your Best Short Story

I want to be a published novelist. I’ve been working toward this goal for decades.

But I’ve decided to modify my long-form strategy and work on short stories as well.


  1. Because the skill and discipline of writing a complete story in as few words as necessary will carry over to the writing of a more complex story.
  2. Because it takes less time to write a few short stories than to write one novel.
  3. Because authors who get stories published in literary journals have a track record to show to agents and publishers.writing-helloquence

I’m going through my links to online resources and compiling the best information I can find into a single document, and I thought maybe you could also use a handy list of excellent articles about the art of the short story:

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Have you had any short stories published? Do you have any on your blog that you’d like to share? Know any good markets for aspiring short story writers? Have any hints that have worked for you? Please share in the comments below.

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