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The Demise of the Daily Post—and an Attempt to Fill the Void


SorrowYesterday, the news that WordPress’ Daily Post will cease broke my heart. I especially will miss the writing prompts and the photography challenges, in which I have often participated during the last three years. The writing prompts have helped me in my effort to write more poetry—they helped ideas spark in my imagination.

This morning it occurred to me that others can step up to do what The Daily Post did. So, during June 2018, ARHtistic License will post a daily prompt that creatives can respond to in any medium or genre—memoir, flash fiction, watercolor, photography, poetry, whatever. Bloggers can create a pingback to the prompt, or leave a link in the comments. (If you share your post with us, please read at least two other offerings.)

If the ARHtistic License Prompt catches on during June, I’ll continue it indefinitely.

What do you think? Will you participate? Please share in the comments below.


I’d Rather Be Dancing Albanian Folk Dances

I’d Rather Be Dancing Albanian Folk Dances

My hip replacement surgery is still more than a month away. I have pain every time I stand or walk. I miss my dancing.

I’m a sucker for the beautiful dances of Albania.

The first dance I ever learned to lead was Çobankat. In this video it is led by Lee Otterholt, a frequent guest workshop leader at Phoenix International Folk Dancers, who choreographed it:

Moj Maro Moj Marinë:

I know this dance as Populli Jon, but done to different music:

I love this one, Valle Pogonishte:

This song from Kosovo and Albania, Karafili, goes well with a Greek dance, Syrtos:

One I’ve never danced, Jarnana:

Another dance I don’t know, Oj Fato Fato:

Ketri Ketri, a Roma/Albanian dance:

Valle Shqiptare:

Valle E Permetit is another dance I like to lead. This is just a small portion of the dance, missing the transitional part that is done during the instrumental portions of the song. Note the “bicycle kick” step.

I don’t know all these Albanian dances, but when I hear the first bars of the ones I do know, I’m out on the floor, because they’re such beautiful dances. September, come fast—I can’t wait to dance again!

Creative Juice #95

Creative Juice #95

Twelve articles to tickle your fancy.

In the Meme Time: Description


Description; novel; fiction


Guest Post: Babbling Brook “Plein Air” Sketchbook Sunday by Lindsay Weirich


Many thanks to Lindsay Weirich for this wonderful article and video. You can see more of Weirich’s work on her website, The Frugal Crafter Blog.

Babbling Brook by Lindsay Weirich

Hi friends! Today we are going to travel to the local Audubon trails and do some painting on location!


My husband and I filmed on location and I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to see the video and read the rest of this article.

Video of the Week #151: This Book is a Planetarium


Assumption vs. Deduction


In response to The Daily Post prompt: assumption.

Empty bench aaron-burden-398673


I assumed you were right.
You were always right.
At least, I always trusted you were right.
I never thought to question.

After you left,
I deduced you were wrong.
Worse than that.
You lied.

I assumed you were my friend,
But I deduced I was only means to an end.
Once you got what you wanted,
You misted away like a mirage.


Wordless Wednesday/ Flower of the Day: Hibiscus



Doing double duty with Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Write Your Best Short Story

Write Your Best Short Story

I want to be a published novelist. I’ve been working toward this goal for decades.

But I’ve decided to modify my long-form strategy and work on short stories as well.


  1. Because the skill and discipline of writing a complete story in as few words as necessary will carry over to the writing of a more complex story.
  2. Because it takes less time to write a few short stories than to write one novel.
  3. Because authors who get stories published in literary journals have a track record to show to agents and publishers.writing-helloquence

I’m going through my links to online resources and compiling the best information I can find into a single document, and I thought maybe you could also use a handy list of excellent articles about the art of the short story:

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Have you had any short stories published? Do you have any on your blog that you’d like to share? Know any good markets for aspiring short story writers? Have any hints that have worked for you? Please share in the comments below.



In response to today’s Daily Post prompt.

awkward kt-562457-unsplash

Balancing too many obligations
Like bricks atop stemware
Tricky to negotiate
Top-heavy at best
Risk involved
Threatening to collapse
Is it just awkward
Hard to manage
Or doomed to failure