#ALP: When You Grow Up

#ALP: When You Grow Up

What’s your job? What did you study to be? If you could do anything you imagine, what would it be? What surprising thing did you learn at a job you once held?

  • Use this prompt any way you wish—for a poem, memoir, painting, short story, photograph, no limits. Enjoy!
  • If you’d like to share a blog post (G-rated, please, and sensitive to the feelings of others—anything slightly objectionable will be deleted), create a pingback or leave a link in the comments below.
  • Be sure to visit at least two other participants to see how they interpreted the prompt.
  • Tag your entry #ALP (for ARHtistic License Prompt) to help others find your work on social media.

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  2. Ashleigh, I have two degrees in music education. I had two teaching careers, one in the 1970s just out of college, and the second starting in 2006. I taught elementary general music to grades K-6. Now I’m retired, which gives me time to do what I’ve always wanted to do, which is write.
    In my last teaching job, I was required to maintain a web page so I could communicate what my students were doing in class to their parents. I also designed the school yearbook for three years. Those two experience prepared me for blogging, which I had no way of knowing that I would ever do. Funny how God prepares people for what He created them to do.


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