In the Meme Time: What to Look for in a Meme Photo

In the Meme Time: What to Look for in a Meme Photo

I love memes! And I love making them. I post one every Friday. Here are some of my favorites.

But I rarely take photos with meme potential.

Usually, if I have a phrase I want to make into a meme, I go to Unsplash, Stocksnap, or Pixabay and do a search for a picture related to my words. For example, if I want to make a meme about music, I might search for musical instruments. Or if I have a quote for Memorial Day, I might look for a picture of the American flag or a military cemetery.


Once I’ve found a number of photos that illustrate my meme’s topic, I look for a good location for words. Usually that means a lighter area. On a landscape photo, that may be the sky (as in the photo above) or a large area of snow. Or maybe a good-sized section of dark wall that will contrast with light-colored lettering. Or a benign background, such as the photo of Jax, our granddoggie, below.


This week’s Photo a Week challenge is for photos that would make a good meme background. I’m going to make it a long-term challenge; whenever I’m out taking pictures, I’ll try to take a few with memes in mind.

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