ICAD2019: Week 5


I am participating in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. I finished the month of June with two more Scripture passages.

Day 29:



Day 30:


For the month of July, I’ll be merging ICAD with World Watercolor Month, whose goal is to make a watercolor painting every day in July. I’ll be painting on index cards in the spirit of ICAD.

I don’t think I’ve done any watercolor since last July.

Day 31/1–the prompt is primary palette. A beach ball is an obvious choice for a red/yellow/blue palette. I also mixed the blue with white for the shadow, and then decided I needed a background, so I blended the light blue with gray. Too much gray. Note to self: in the future, paint the background first.


Day 32/2–the prompt is sunny sky. If my sky seems a little intense, it’s because after three service calls, our air conditioner died, and we had no AC in the Arizona desert for four days. The temperature outside on July 1 was 110; inside was 97. Fortunately, a new unit was installed Tuesday, and our house is much more hospitable now.


Day 33/3–the prompt is picnic food, but I never got beyond the tablecloth. You know how when you put a tablecloth down on the grass, it’s never smooth? That’s the effect I was going for.


Day 34/ 4–I went off-prompt. I painted the background, and when it dried, I tangled two Zentangle patterns, Cindyer and Poa.


Day 35/5–the prompt is loose & free.  I tried to paint a picture of a girl whose long sun-streaked hair was hanging loose and free down her back.


It’s not too late to join in the fun! ICAD and World Watercolor Month run through the end of July.

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