Creative Juice #169

Creative Juice #169




Creative stuff that will delight you.



  1. A phenomenon noticed at an art museum.
  2. What leaves do.
  3. This tile effect is achieved with spray paint.
  4. What happens when a sketching enthusiast goes to The Nutcracker.
  5. One dot at a time.
  6. What to give your loved one who is an artist.
  7. Even if you hate guns, I’ll bet you’ll like these.
  8. I love looking at this artist’s intricate designs.
  9. Books make awesome Christmas presents. Just sayin’.
  10. I don’t understand how someone can draw photographic portraits using only pencils.
  11. An artist discusses a daguerreotype pin.
  12. You still have time to make this cute winter decoration. But no old sock in my house is that white! I say buy a new pair and make two of these snowmen.

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