Sculpture Saturday


I’ve discovered a new (to me) photography challenge at the Mind Over Memory blog.  My offerings this week were taken in the Phoenix Art Museum in 2017:


Nude Man by Viola Frey, glazed ceramic


Facade from a house in Hue, Vietnam



Upside Down, Inside Out by Anish Kapoor, sculpture made of resin and paint


Column Interminable by Betsabeé Romero: 17 “tires” inscribed with symbols from pre-conquest North, South, and Central America, the Aztecs, the Paracas people of Peru, and the ancient Hohokam people who lived in what is now Arizona. Romero’s themes are migration and borders.


Message by Matthias Goeritz; gold painted perforated metal on painted wood


Detail of Message


Bust of Julio Contarini by Alessandro Vittoria


Hopi Flute Player by Emry Kopta

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