Nosy Questions


caveman-1460898_640Today I’m playing along with Judy Dykstra-Brown, blogger, artist, photographer, and poet.

Judy says:

“A friend asked these questions on Facebook. Thought I’d share them with you. Here are my answers. To play along, copy them and change the answers to your own. Please publish a link to your answers in comments below:”

1.  Do you like mustard? Yes. It’s my favorite condiment. I like all kinds: yellow, spicy brown, dijon, horseradish, Chinese hot. . .
2. Choice of carbonated drink? Diet Coke.
3. Do you own a gun? No, but my husband does.
4. Whiskey, Tequilla, Rum or Vodka? Water with lemon, thank you.
5. Hot dogs or Cheeseburgers? I think I’ve exceeded my lifetime quota of both. I’ll have a burrito.
6. Favorite Type Of Food? All. Can I just say dessert?
7. Do you believe in ghosts? No.
8. What do you drink in the mornings? Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf‘s 10% Kona Blend.
9. Can you do a 100 Pushups? No.
10. Summer, Winter, spring or fall? Summer, no contest.
11. Favorite hobby? Reading, quilting, zentangle, watercolor, crocheting.
12. Tattoos? No.
13. Do you wear glasses? I wore glasses since I was 10 for severe myopia. Since cataract surgery in my late 50s, I only wear glasses for reading and fine handwork.
14. Phobia? Pain.
15. Nickname? I used to be known as Andie, but my husband hated that name for me. I’m trying to steer him toward Your Majesty, but he’s not buying that either.
16. Three drinks you drink? Water, Diet Coke, coffee
17. Biggest Downfall? Good food.
18. Rain or Snow? Sorry, I only like sunshine. That’s why I live in the desert.
19. Piercings? Just ears.
21. Kids? 5
22. Favorite color? All shades of blue, especially electric and turquoise.
23. Favorite age? 21, although for many years I claimed I was 29. Then one day I realized it was the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday. . .
24. Can you whistle? Yes, if I have to.
25. Where were you born? West Long Branch, New Jersey.
26. Brothers or Sisters? I have one wonderful brother.
28. Surgeries? 2 hip replacements, gall bladder removed, 2 tumors removed, cataracts on both eyes.
29. Shower or Bath? Shower.
30. Like gambling? Never.
32. Broken bones? No.
33. How many tv’s in your house? 2.
34. Worst pain in your life? Kidney stone.
35. Do you like to dance? Yes–I go international folk dancing on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings.
36. Are your parents still alive? No.
37. Do you like to go camping? Not really, but I loved to camp when I was a Girl Scout.

Please play along! These are fun to do and fun to read.
Copy, paste, change the answers!!

About Andrea R Huelsenbeck

Andrea R Huelsenbeck is a wife, a mother of five and a former elementary general music teacher. A freelance writer in the 1990s, her nonfiction articles and book reviews appeared in Raising Arizona Kids, Christian Library Journal, and other publications. She is currently working on a young adult mystical fantasy novel and a mystery.

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    • Such a good organization. Two of my three daughters were scouts, too.
      One of them complained recently that I never have Girl Scout cookies on hand anymore. I had to explain that I bought so many when they were scouts (I think I bought a case every year and froze them) because they financed the special trips they took–like to Disneyland.


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