The United States Army Band


When I was a student at Holy Cross School in Rumson, New Jersey, if my memory serves me correctly, every year we’d have an assembly put on by the United States Army Band. They’d play a varied program along the lines of what a college marching band might play at half-time during those days, and also patriotic standards and Sousa marches.

By the time we were in sixth grade, my female classmates particularly noticed the drummer and tried to catch his eye.

I recently did a little research and found out the Army still has bands and is actively recruiting and auditioning for them. This is their mission statement:

The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” provides musical support for the leadership of the United States, to include all branches of government, and to a wide spectrum of national and international events in order to connect the Army to the American people.

To celebrate Armed Forces Day today, let’s listen to the United States Army Band:

The United States Army Band was founded by General John J. Pershing in 1922. His idea was inspired by the European military bands he witnessed during World War I. In the beginning, the band played concert tours across the United States, and performances were played on the radio. During World War II, the band visited battlefields in North Africa and Europe. After World War II, The United States Army Ceremonial Band, The United States Army Chorus, The United States Army Herald Trumpets, and The United States Army Strings were established as regular performing units.

During the 1950s, several well-known entertainers were band members, including Eddie Fisher, Robert Dini, Steve Lawrence, harpist Lloyd Lindroth, Metropolitan Opera tenor George Shirley, and announcer Charles Osgood.

I dare you not to cry:

The United States Army Bands continue to perform all over the United States and the world. To learn more, check out their website.

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  1. Andrea. Thanks so much for the Army Band. Etc music. I have been listening to it for. Well I lost track of time. Awesome Awesome awesome. There’s nothing better for me than to listen to Army andMarine bands. Now what do I do? Day had been wonderfully shot!!!! 😘 Sent from my iPhone


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