Index-Card-a-Day Week 5; World Watercolor Month Week 1


I’ve been participating in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge, and as of July 1, I’m doing double duty with World Watercolor Month. I only managed five cards this week.

Day 25’s prompt was bougainvillea, which flourishes in my area. I used this as a reference photo:


But I knew I’d never be able to paint it, so I decided to aim for something a little more impressionistic. I used watercolor pencils.


The prompt for Day 27 was souvenir. Colored pencils.


The prompt for Day 29 was citrus. I used this as a reference photo:

DSC00904 (1)

My card turned out a bit more primitive looking. This card got the most likes this week on my Instagram page.


The Day 1 prompt for World Watercolor Month was rejoice, which reminded me of this Bible verse. To add to the celebration aspect, I wanted to add confetti, so I did some paint spatter. Unfortunately, it looks more like a condiment accident.


ICAD Day 32’s prompt was earrings. I have a very creative friend who makes beautiful earrings, so I made a portrait of her. I wonder if she will recognize herself. I painted this from a picture she recently posted on Instagram.



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