In the Meme Time: Inner Child


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  1. Andrea, there was no room to write on the Christmas music post but I wanted to tell you I like u was brought up on German Christmas music. I had first husband record all my parents albums onto tape and then Jens had all his own German Christmas albums and I’d start playing them before Halloween. After they passed I couldn’t play Christmas music, I didn’t even want a tree up. Took me a couple of years but I hardly do what I did in the past now plus for the last few years it seems I was in the hospital right before the holidays and Jens was there too last year. It’s not been the same for me for the last 10 years. I know there will even be less this year having just lost my favorite 13 yr. old doggie. Love, Monica

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    • So sad, Monica. We all did more at Christmastime when we were younger. I appreciate all the old traditions but not all the work to make them happen. I get what mean about not wanting to hear the music you associate with your parents–too painful. I miss mine and Greg’s, and all my aunts and uncles, too. And the pandemic has made me miss them even more–can’t even get together with friends for a little distraction.

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  2. Yes, you’re right in that for this year especially. More people than ever will be depressed during the holidays. Thinking about it, I’m going to try to do put up some things in the house besides the tree. Jens’ son may come over at some point. He’s 45 yrs. old and lives in Tampa. His mother is in Sarasota but he now has a girlfriend who lives in New Orleans so I don’t know what he’ll decide to do. He has a construction company.

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