Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses

Sunday, for Mother’s Day, my daughter Katie suggested we visit the Rose Garden at Mesa Community College. We’ve gone there together before, and it’s always fun to photograph and enjoy the 9,000 rose bushes. We made it about halfway through the five-acre garden.

We were there from about 11:00 until 12:15. Although it was a bright, sunny day, some parts of the garden are shady. The blooms ranged from closed buds to full-blown blossoms and everywhere in between. This time I was most attracted to the orangey roses (several different varieties), so that’s why they’re so over-represented in the photographs below. If you want to see more colors, click on the link in the paragraph above.

If you look closely, you may discover a visitor or two.

I have no idea what this lovely tree is. Do you know?
This structure is a bus stop.
The mask around my neck will remind me this was taken toward the end (please!) of the pandemic. Don’t worry, we’re both vaccinated. Photo by Katie Huelsenbeck

I’m also counting this post as a Flower-of-the-Day entry.

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  1. Such pretty roses. I want to visit some of the public gardens near me. I live very close to some iris gardens which should be looking pretty right now. I hope to visit there soon and share some photos to the blog. In the mean time, I took iris photos in my garden at home.

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