Culmination of Index-Card-a-Day and World Watercolor Month Challenges


I love challenges. They motivate me to do the things I wish I was doing all year long, such as drawing or making art if not every day, at least every other day.

This was my sixth year participating in these two challenges. As of yesterday, I’d completed 51 out of 61 cards for ICAD and 24 out of 31 little paintings for World Watercolor Month.

Almost done

If I manage to do one today, I will post it later.

Instead of following the suggested prompts for each day, I chose to work through the first few chapters of The Complete Book of Drawing People by Barrington Barber. My goal for the month was to systematically get better at drawing people. I don’t know that I actually did that, but I tried. I confess there were a couple of sketches that were so unsatisfactory I threw them away without photographing them. All the rest, the good, the bad, and the ugly, I posted on ARHtistic License and on Instagram, not because I’m so delusional that I thought they were all good, but because all our efforts are significant, even when we fail miserably. I have nothing to lose by showing you my less successful endeavors, and I might even entice you to try what you’re dreaming of creating if you know that it’s okay to have a learning curve.

I’d like to share again the ones I like the best:

Day 13

Day 20

Day 24

Day 25

Day 35; Day 5

And this next one is my #1 favorite this year. You can see by the lines that didn’t get totally erased that this is a proportion study:

Day 37; Day 7

It’s funny how subjective our preferences are. On Instagram, this is my drawing that got the most likes:

Day 6

I’m guessing he looks like a lot of people’s best friend.

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  1. I think you might like your results better if you worked on bigger paper than index cards! It is hard to make little tiny drawings of large or detailed objects. In all of my art classes, we worked large to start with. Treat yourself to a pad of newsprint and do some big gesture drawings. 🙂 You deserve it, you completed the monthly challenges!

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    • True. Some of my faces were a little truncated because the cards are so narrow. But that’s actually the only rule of ICAD–it has to be an index card. (Although I cheat and cut up watercolor paper in July, because index cards are just too unpredictable when you’re using paint.) Yes, I’m ready to work in a journal now!


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