Fun with Homemade Foam Stamps


Last week I read an article by Alice Hendon about making foam stamps. I have long been a fan of Nathalie Kalbach, who designs rubber and foam stamps, and who posts her wonderful creations on her website. So when I read Alice’s article, she made the process seem so simple, I thought maybe I could do it. I knew I had an inkpad somewhere, but I couldn’t find it, so I visited Amazon and ordered this adorable set of inexpensive inkpads. (I have supplied the link purely for your information; I am not an Amazon affiliate, so I do not earn any commission.)

Ink pads
Over the weekend, Greg asked me to make a hobby supply run for him to Michael’s. While I was there, I picked up a foam sheet, and I happened to see a cute set of rubber stamps, so I bought them too. (Not an affiliate of Michael’s either.) When I got home, it was time to try them out.
Fun with rubber stamps
Yesterday I looked on YouTube to see if I could find the Sarahbeme video Alice mentioned in her article. I think this is the one:

After watching that, I was ready to try making my own stamps. I liked the angular stamp Sarah made first, so I made one like that, the same size as my stamp pad.

Step 1

Then I thought I needed some round shapes, so I cut out two circles, then cut them into quarters. I used the green ink pad and layered it on top of what I had so far:

Step 2

Then I cut some wavy lines, inked them with blue, and put them over the top:

step 3

Eh. I think that may have been too much. But it was fun to try, and I will definitely use them again, and make more. Next, I’d like to make a scallop design similar to ones I’ve seen on Nathalie’s site. I’ll definitely post more when I make more.

And if you try making your own foam stamps, let me know!

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