Octangling2021 Day 2: Mi2


For Inktober this year, I will mostly be following the prompts for Octangling, a project of the Facebook group Tangle All Around that I belong to. The group is tangling their patterns on a 31-slot template, but since I’m only participating every other day (and writing poems on the odd-numbered days), I’ve chosen to do my tangling on individual tiles. Today’s design is Mi2 by Mimi Lempart:


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  1. I love these zentangles you do. Makes me want to give it a try. When you say you’re putting them on individual tiles, do you mean actual tiles or some sort of card stock? If actual tiles, I think a collection of them would make such an interesting table top.


    • They’re card stock. I buy these things on Amazon called artist tiles or ATCs (artist trading cards). You can also buy them in art supply stores. They’re precut 3″ squares with rounded edges. You can also buy smaller ones, or circles, or triangles.


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