Octangling2021 Day 30 and Update


This is actually tomorrow’s pattern, baleselation, a “tangelation” of the basic pattern bales by Maureen Stott, CZT. I made mine a little less fancy than hers (she fills in the blank areas with lines running perpendicular to the others), but I feel so satisfied with the laciness. In honor of Halloween, I used an orange gelly roll pen on a black tile:


My intention for the month of October was to participate in two different challenges on alternating days: OctPoWriMo by writing a poem on odd-numbered days, and Octangling by drawing a zentangle design on the even-numbered days. I hoped I’d get 14 of each done.

I got mixed up and worked on the wrong challenge on some days, but I did do 14 Octangling drawings. My favorite is Maryhill:


Mi2 got the most “likes” on ARHtistic License:


Torus got the most “likes” on my Instagram page:


I love challenges. Be sure to stop by tomorrow and see how I did with OctPoWriMo.

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