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Writing Lies I Tell Myself

Writing Lies I Tell Myself

Because writing is such a solitary pursuit, unless we writers have someone to vent to, we can lose our perspective and objectivity, especially where our own writing is concerned. And while we know that everyone’s path is unique, sometimes we compare ourselves to others and find ourselves lacking.

When that happens, the voices in our heads pontificate, and we believe them.

broken heart

Here’s what the voices are telling me right now:

  • What I’m writing is not very good.
  • I’ll never get a book into print.
  • If I haven’t broken through yet, it’ll never happen—I’m too old.

In my darkest moments, I believe it. I’m ready to quit. I’m ready to pivot. I’ll be a reader, or a quilter, instead. I’ll spend my time practicing piano. I’ll throw myself into Zentangle, or drawing, or painting. There are so many better ways I could spend my life, so many things I’d rather be doing.

I love all those things. I squeeze them in. In between my writing.

elements of fiction
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I’m addicted to writing. I hate it. I love it. I can’t not write.

So I remind myself:

  • I’m a better writer now than I was a few years ago. I keep growing.
  • Writing is a challenging career. The most important ingredient of success is perseverance.
  • Some people take a longer time than others to reach their goals.

So, why am I writing this? To vent? A little. But also because I know someone out there is hearing those same discouraging pronouncements from the voices in her head. I want to say, I’ve been there. I know what you’re going through. Don’t give up. Write for yourself. Write for that one person who needs to read what you’re writing. Trust that someday, some way, your words will get into that person’s hands.

Don’t believe the lies.

Monday Morning Wisdom #338

Monday Morning Wisdom #338

The world was more than a place. Life was more than an event. It was all one thing, and that thing was: story.

~ Luis Alberto Urrea

From the Creator’s Heart #335


Give Something Handmade for Christmas

Give Something Handmade for Christmas

Doesn’t it seem harder and harder to buy the perfect gift for a special person? And with the supply chain problem we’re experiencing, this Christmas might be even more challenging for shoppers.

Maybe we all could make gifts this year.

And if we could use supplies we already have, that would be super!

And if we can repurpose something we have that we’re not using, even better!

Looking around the web for ideas, I’ve found some that look not terribly difficult or expensive to make. You still have time to make a few of these! (And you can probably modify them to accommodate materials you have on hand.)

Click on the links for directions.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am working on this Holly Jolly Christmas quilt.


Embroidered Snowflake Mandala


Glitter Ball Yarn Ornaments


String Christmas Tree


Chocolate Covered Pretzels


Chunky Knit Throw Blanket I priced the yarn at about $10 a skein, and you need at least 3 skeins for a small throw blanket, so proceed cautiously with this. The good news: no needles or supplies needed other than the yarn!


Crayon Candles


Photo Keepsake Ornaments You could use any photos for these. You could go take pictures of your recipients’ houses! (But if you look like you’re casing the place, you could get arrested. . .)


Refrigerator Magnets made from photographs and jar lids.


Upcycle an Old Frame for the grandparents. The kids can help. Use it to frame a picture of the family in ugly Christmas sweaters or a kid’s visit with Santa.

Now it’s your turn. Are you making any holiday gifts this year? If you do, post a picture on your social media or website, and give us a link in the comments below. (It’s okay if you wait until after you give it if it’s a surprise.)Tell us how you made it—did you design it yourself? Or where did you find the instructions?

Creative Juice #270

Creative Juice #270

This week’s offerings are heavy on writing tips. But there are some crumbs for the quilters and crafters.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Horn

More CBWC.

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: Beware of Turkey


I visited a garden nursery a few weeks ago, and I was startled to see this sign:


Okay. It wasn’t until a while later that I saw this darling. I socially distanced him. (Her?)

Turkey sign

From a Thankful Heart


Video of the Week #333: Thanksgiving Music


You may want to play this all day long today.

Wordless Wednesday: Pods on the Sidewalk

Pods on the sidewalk