Creative Juice #267

Creative Juice #267

Things to think about. Thinks to look at and awe over. Things to laugh about.

  • Bloggers: a lot in this article about process optimization applies directly to blogging.
  • Phenomenal portrait photographs.
  • Fiction writers: why do you write fiction? This article gave me perspectives I hadn’t considered before.
  • My favorite job (not): revising.
  • A very good article about perspective (as in visual art).
  • Couldn’t get to the International Quilt Festival in Houston? Me neither, but my friend Frances went and posted a quick overview.
  • If I lived in New York City, I’d be looking for these origami sculptures in the garment district.
  • Whimsical stuffed creatures.
  • I love what Nathalie did with rubber stamps in her vintage ledger.
  • Illustrator Lee Gatlin recommends that artists post their work online.
  • Are you stuck in your story? Here are 10 tips to get it going again.
  • I love this father’s tweets.

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