Flower of the Day/ Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: Tumbleweeds


I took these photos in August, when everything was still green due to the monsoons we had. Don’t they look a little like baby’s breath?

Tumbleweeds 1

Walking along the canal after a very windy day, I found these folded up tumbleweeds with their undersides exposed:

Tumbleweeds 2

Here in the desert, we get prolonged hot and dry days, and by mid-September the weeds lose their green color, dry up and turn brown, and the next strong wind snaps them at the ground line and they roll away.

When we first moved to Arizona, our neighbor told us not to freak out if a tumbleweed blows onto the road. Don’t swerve! If you run it over, it will crumble like a toothpick structure. The worst that could happen is you get a few thin scratches. Whereas if you swerve into another car, you could get a bent fender.

More Flowers of the Day; more Oddballs.

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