Looking Forward to the Grammys, Part XI


Today we are listening to the nominees for Best American Roots Song.

Avalon, performed by Riannon Giddens with Francesco Turrisi; written by Rhiannon Giddens, Justin Robinson, and Francesco Turrisi:

Bored, performed by Linda Chorney featuring Becca Byram, EJ Ouellette, and Trevor Sewellzz; written by Linda Chorney:

Call Me a Fool, performed by Valerie June featuring Carla Thomas; written by Valerie June:

Cry, performed by Jon Batiste (I didn’t know he could play bass guitar!), written by Jon Batiste and Steve McEwan:

Diamond Studded Shoes, performed by Yola; written by Dan Auerbach, Natalie Hemby, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Yola:

Nightflyer, performed by Allison Russell; written by Jeremy Lindsay and Allison Russell:

I had to look up what “American Roots” means. I was kind of thinking of American folk music, but the category is actually broader than that. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences established this award in 2015 to recognize quality songs in genres such as blues, bluegrass, folk, Americana, and regional roots music. I can see how each of the nominated songs fits in. Which one deserves the award?

I love Rhiannon Giddens, but I really had to listen to Avalon a few times without watching the video. As much as I like the dancing, it distracts me from the music.

I started out being bored by Bored, but after more listenings I like it better.

Valerie June’s voice in Call Me a Fool is so harsh that I find it unpleasant.

Listening to Diamond Studded Shoes and Nightflyer without looking at the videos improved them greatly for me.

But I was very surprised that Cry, which I did not like on first hearing, grew on me in subsequent hearings to a degree that the other songs did not. I don’t usually like motifs that are repeated over and over, but in this song, they’re haunting. I think it was Batiste’s mournful voice that got to me. Cry is my choice for the award.

Now it’s your time. Which song do think deserves the award for Best American Roots Song, and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I would choose Cry also. I loved the music and dance of Avalon but i didn’t hear the words. i liked Bored, but i couldn’t get into Nightflyer. Interesting category, because the songs are so different. I did like Call Me a Fool. Her voice is so different and I was thankful for the lyrics.

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