Looking Forward to the Grammys, Part XII


We’re in for a treat! Today we are listening to the nominees for Best Instrumental Composition. I did not know how much fun this category would be, or I would have listened to these long ago. I also was not familiar with any of these composers.

Beautiful Is Black by Brandee Younger (harp):

Cat and Mouse by Tom Nazziola (marimba):

Concerto for Orchestra: Finale by Vince Mendoza (performed by the Czech National Symphony Orchestra featuring Antonio Sanchez and Derrick Hodge:

Dreaming in Lions by Arturo O’Farrill (performed by the Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble):

Eberhard by Lyle Mays:

Wow, right? These are all wonderful. Who doesn’t love a harp (Beautiful is Black)? Vince Mendoza’s Finale is a perfect finale, no? I love the polymeters in Dreaming in Lions. And when I heard Cat and Mouse, it catapulted me back to when my oldest daughter, Carly, was in high school, because she was a percussionist. I thought Cat and Mouse was going to be my favorite, until I heard Eberhard.

Eberhard is my choice for the award. It’s complex, flowing, engaging, long but never boring.

Now it’s your turn. Which piece do you think should get the Grammy for Best Instrumental Composition, and why? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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