N is for Zentangle patterns that start with the letter N


I’m posting late today. But my taxes are done. Don’t leave yours until the last moment.

One of my goals for this year, which I really haven’t done much about, is getting back to Zentangle with more regularity. Since I couldn’t think of anything else that starts with the letter N that has something to do with the arts or the creative process, I thought I’d go to the wonderful website tanglepatterns.com and see what I could find. Out of the ones listed, I tried these four:

Nine Patch by Suzanne McNeill, which all the quilters will recognize:

Nine Patch by Suzanne McNeill

Navaho by Caren Mlot:

Navaho by Caren Mlot

Noodle by Angie Gittles:

Noodle by Angie Gittles

Nayo by Angie Gittles (my favorite of this group):

Nayo by Emiko Kaneko
Nine Patch, Nayo, Noodle, Navaho

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