Creative Juice #292

Creative Juice #292

Beautiful quilts. Articles on writing. Bluegrass music. Photography. And more.

  • Pets trying to hide.
  • Wildlife in Botswana.
  • Pretty quilts.
  • Round robin quilts.
  • For most of my life, I’ve been conservative in my beliefs. Conservatives resist change. However, now that the world is so insane, I see the need for change. . .
  • Prizewinning quilts.
  • Like bluegrass? Listen to some wonderful covers. The Petersens.
  • Journaling for fiction writers.
  • I had Scrivener (writing software) on my previous laptop, and I was thinking about buying it again for my new one. On the one hand, I like some of the features, but on the other hand, do I really want to spend the money? I never understood the full functionality of Scrivener anyway. Now I see there is another software, Plottr, with a free trial, and is in some ways superior to Scrivener (although I realize that’s a subjective judgment). See this comparison of Scrivener and Plottr.
  • What do Ukranian refugees need. Quilts, of course. (You had to ask?)
  • There was a wisteria tree in our front yard when I was a little girl. My dad loved flowers, and he loved that tree. Here are some beautiful ones in Japan.
  • Kehinde Wiley first appeared on my radar when his official portrait of President Barack Obama was unveiled. But did you know he’s also an accomplished sculptor?

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