Music for Writing

Music for Writing

Do you like to listen to music while you’re writing? I do. While I write, I prefer music that has a mysterious mood, usually instrumental, or with vocals whose lyrics do not demand that I listen to the words. (Don’t distract me with compelling words when I’m trying to come up with my own compelling words!)

I’ve selected 10 of my favorite pieces of writing music for your listening pleasure:

Philip Glass, Secret Agent:

Enya, Orinoco Flow:

The Piano Guys, Arwen’s Vigil:

John Williams, Hedwig’s Theme:

Samuel Barber, Adagio for Strings:

Johannes Brahms, Violin Sonata No. 3, first movement

John Tesh, Bastille Day:

Astor Piazzolla, Oblivion:

Léo Delibes, Flower Duet:

Camille Saint-Saëns, Aquarium:

Do you like my writing music? Would you like to listen to it when you write? Bookmark this article and have the music playing in the background while working on your scenes. Or listen to these pieces and more on the ARHtistic License Creative Playlist on YouTube.

Now it’s your turn. Do you like to listen to music as you write, paint, quilt, or make your art? What kind of music do you like when you’re working? Do you have a playlist? Share in the comments below.

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