Creative Juice # 299

Creative Juice # 299

Read and muse this weekend.

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  1. Yes. the book is too dark for me, at age 70, much less children. But, I think that other cultures deal with death better than we do in America. It has always been something to dread and the basis of so many fears. So, maybe this way is better. I also liked the photographs and the genrosity of allowing the world to see the painting that is so full of energy and of black people enjoying life without cares of racism. As a black woman, I love the painting and hope it comes to a museum near me.

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  2. I’m not sure I would read it to all children, but if a child has lost a pet, or encountered death in some other personal way, it might be a good book to provide some context on how death is a part of life. I honestly think Bambi is far more traumatic.

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